Summit on Accessible and Equitable Learning in a Quasi-Post-Pandemic World

Sponsored by Microsoft and the Center for 21st Century Universities

Speakers and Presenters

Sheryl Burgstahler

Director, UW Accessible Technology & DO-IT, UW-IT

University of Washington

Sarah Gardner

Director Neurodiversity Navigators

Bellevue College

Dawn Hunziker

Assistant Director, Digital and Physical Access | Disability Resources

University of Arizona

Amanda Kraus

Associate Professor of Practice, Educational Policy Studies and Practice Assistant Vice President for Campus Life Executive Director for Disability Resources and Chief Accessibility Officer

University of Arizona

Stephanie Cawthon

Professor, Educational Psychology, Chair, Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences

University of Texas at Austin

Ken Fleishman

Professor in the School of Information and Director of Undergraduate Studies

University of Texas at Austin

Deborah Sullivan

Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)

Florida A&M

Catherine Lewis

Director | Disability Services Office | Student Affairs

Rochester Institute of Technology

Angela Gunder

Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Learning

Online Learning Consortium

Karen Vignare

Executive Director of the Personalized Learning Consortium

Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Kim Scalzo

Executive Director of Open SUNY

State University of New York (SUNY)

Mark Lannaman

Master’s Student

Georgia Tech

Shubha Kashyap

Director of Student Affairs and Faculty Relations, Nexus, College of Engineering

University of Michigan

Rebecca Ewing

Spanish Lecturer


Danie Remmick

Senior Accessibility Program Manager


Elizabeth Bruce

Director of University Relations


Yakut Gazi

Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Digital Education

Duke University

Steven Barnes

Associate director of teaching and director, undergraduate program in neuroscience

University of British Columbia

Birney Robert

Curator and Event Coordinator

Georgia Tech

Ann Jannarone

Assistant Dean of Students / Director, Georgia Tech Disability Services

Georgia Tech

Bryan Blakeley

Assistant Vice Provost for Digital Learning Innovation

UW Continuum College

University of Washington

Matt Lisle

Managing Director of Digital Learning

Thrive Scholars

Tara DeLeo

Managing Director of Digital Learning

Rochester Institute of Technology

Kory Hawkins

University Relations Director


Chaohua Ou

Project Manager, AI-ALOE

Georgia Tech

Rob Kadel

Director of Research Program Administration

Georgia Tech

Warren Goetzel

Interim Associate Director of Academic Technologies

Georgia Tech

Brittany Aiello

Communications Program Manager

Georgia Tech

Claire Kinane

Program Ops Manager

Georgia Tech

Nicole Moore

Assist Dir of Finance and Operations

Georgia Tech

Steve Harmon

Executive Director, C21U

Georgia Tech